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Volume 1, Issue 4, Dec. 19, 2013
E-Access News & Information

Integrated Accessibility Standards
Regulation (IASR)

Transportation Standard

The requirements in the Transportation Standard will help transportation providers as well as municipalities, universities, colleges,  hospitals and school boards make their services and  vehicles accessible to people with disabilities.

Section 75, School Transportation, applies to every school board that provides transportation services to its students.

School boards shall ensure that integrated accessible school transportation services are provided to their students or ensure that appropriate alternative accessible transportation services are provided for students with disabilities.

School boards shall in consultation with parents or guardians of students with disabilities identify students with disabilities before the commencement of each school year or during the school year and develop a school transportation plan for each student with a disability that requires school transportation services.

(A Guide to the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation-Information and Communications Standard, p. 105 &  232)


  • Develop Individual School Transportation Plans for each student with a disability that:
  • Details student assistance needs and
  • Include plans for individual boarding, securement and deboarding and;
  • Identify and communicate to the appropriate parties the roles and responsibilities of the transportation provider, parents/guardians; operator of the vehicle and appropriate school staff
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