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Employee Illness and Disability Management
Injury & Illness

The Board’s commitment to Disability Management as well as early and safe Return to Work initiatives is a partnership between employees, supervisors, health care providers and unions/federations. This program fosters a widespread understanding that the way to reduce the incidence and duration of an employee’s absence is through early intervention and support.

The Accessibility & Disability Management Program facilitates an employee’s transition back into the workplace after a period of illness/injury and/or assists employees with identified disabilities to maintain regular attendance and continue meaningful employment through workplace accommodation.  The intent of the Program is to keep employees at work or return employees to their job as early as possible after a period of absence, providing accommodation, where medically appropriate, and to facilitate a safe and successful transition.  

The following outlines the employee’s responsibilities and processes during a short term absence, a workplace injury and during long term disability.

Short Term Absences

Contact your supervisor/manager to inform them of your absence. Please note that you may be required to provide a medical note after an absence of 5 days,  or as otherwise requested.

Workplace Injury & WSIB Requirements

Image of Person on crutchesIf you are injured or become ill as a result of the workplace, the first priority is to seek appropriate medical attention. For example, first aid stations, family doctor, walk-in clinic or emergency room.  If you do seek medical attention, you must report this to your supervisor at the earliest opportunity but not later than 48 hours of having sought treatment.

You are required to report all work related incidents, illnesses and injuries immediately to your supervisor in order that we can ensure appropriate medical follow-up as well as the completion of requisite documentation.  The Board's Employee Accident/Incident Reporting Form must be completed together with your supervisor within 12 hours and submitted to the Board's Health & Safety Coordinator.

Should you require medical treatment, please obtain an injury package from your supervisor/manager. The package will include a Functional Abilities Form (FAF), a letter to the employee and a letter to your healthcare practitioner outlining specific requirements.  Documents will need to be completed by a physician or healthcare practitioner. Your capabilities, restrictions, duration of restrictions, and physician’s signature must be indicated on the FAF. Please ensure the FAF is completed and returned to the Board's Health & Safety Coordinator on your next workday. Please report any subsequent medical attention to your supervisor/manager on the day it is received for any work related injuries.

Where medical treatment is required or you are absent from work as a result of your injury/illness, you will receive a copy of  WSIB Form 7, that is sent from the Board to register a WSIB claim.

Return to Work
If your health care provider recommends that you return to work on modified duties (as will be documented on the FAF) or that you require workplace accommodations, Human Resources will work with you, your supervisor, your Federation/Union as well as WSIB personnel, where appropriate, to determine appropriate modified duties and/or accommodations for the recommended duration of your medical limitations and restrictions.

Long Term Disability

When Human Resources and/or your Federation/Union/Association is notified that you are off work for medical reasons, they will contact you in order to determine if you require a Long Term Disability (LTD) Package. If it is required, a package will be prepared and mailed to your home address. A cover letter is included in the package to advise you of the application process and the date that you may become eligible for LTD benefits. It is important that you complete the required paperwork in a timely fashion to avoid any interruptions in your pay. If at any time you require assistance or have any questions related to the process, please contact Kim Wilson at ext. 264 or your Federation/Union/Association.

Return to Work

When you are ready to return to work, Human Resources will work with your Disability Management Coordinator/Rehabilitation Counsellor, your supervisor, your Federation/Union/Association and your treating physician to determine an approprate return to work plan that meets your stated medical limitations and restrictions, if any.

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