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Limestone District School Board Employee Procedures

Recruitment and Selection
Personnel Files & the Collection of Personal Information
Employment/Supervison of Family Members
Occupational Health and Safety
Respect in the Workplace: Anit-Harassment & Discrimination
Respect in the Workplace: Reporting and Investigating Workplace Harassment & Discrimination
Violence in the Workplace
Reporting & Investigating Workplace Violence
Right to Refuse or Stop Work Where Health or Safety in Danger
Scent Awareness
Use of Wirless handheld Devices While Driving
Working Alone
Employee Progressive Discipline
Attendance and Sick Leave Benefits
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Professional Development
Acceptance of Supplemental Employment by Regular Staff Members
Staff Members Elected or Appointed to Public Office
Staff Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drugs
Use of Social Media
Professional Misconduct by Staff Members and Volunteers
Performance Appraisals
Twenty-Five Year Service and Retiring Staff Members
Mobility Procedures for Academic Staff
Pre-Employment Health Assessment
Job Descriptions for Support Staff
Leave of Absence - Support Staff
Related Forms and Documents:
Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Reporting Form
Employee Accident/Incident Reporting Form
Volunteer Registration
Professional Boundaries Pamphlet
Attendance Support Program
Return to Work & Disability Management Program

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